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Cat Kennels

Ensuring happiness and health in our cat kennels in Bristol

We ensure a happy and comfortable stay for every cat. We ask that all cats are up to date with vaccinations and carry no infectious diseases. We also ask that all cats are flea free, so as to ensure the comfort and health of every cat who comes to us.
To book your cat into our cat kennels in Bristol, call us on: 
01454 632 456
07748 857 040 

More than one cat?

Do you have more than one cat? Not to worry. Each kennel is large enough for up to three cats, so your cats won't have to be separated and can have the familiarity of each other's company.

Your cat will receive:

  • Warm and comfortable kennel
  • A spacious run
  • Specific diet
  • Lots of loving care
  • Option to bring a friend

Settling in

When you bring your cat to us, we ask that you bring in some bedding and some of its favourite toys. This will help your cat settle in better.
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